ATM Solutions by LGR – Ontario, Canada

Welcome to ATM Solutions by LGR, Northern Ontario’s premier ATM service provider.

If you’re in the market for a new or replacement ATM, our long term business relationships with Nautilus Hyosung,  Triton® and Hantle are sure to supply you with an ATM to suit your needs.

LGR has different solutions that let you share in the work and the profits, or if you choose you can simply have the ATM available to your customers with no up front investment required, LGR has service options designed to suit your needs.

Having an ATM on site increases convenience for your customers and therefore overall traffic, sales and profits !  All the while bringing the added bonus of cash sales instead of costly credit and debit sales that have added fees to eat away at your profit levels.

Whether you have a convenience store, bar or gas station with a proven successful location and need a new ATM or a new transaction processing partner, or want to take part in one of our deployment programs, see how our bonus program can put up to an extra $2,250 in your pocket just for chosing ATM Solutions by LGR!

Let us show you how ATM Solutions by LGR can supply you with all your ATM business needs. We look forward to hearing from you.